Yellow Summit 2018 Sessions

550 Vandalia Tower, St. Paul, MN 55114 September 14, 2018 Session Detail


keynote presentation: Why food should be a champion for social change


Food very well may be the oldest form of art, and to this day remains a visceral experience during every interaction. Jenny specializes in fusing culinary arts with social concepts and emerging technology, especially AR/VR.

She believe's food is one of the strongest ways to not only educate each other on the world and cultures around us, but also to promote change in social norms and social ideology.

Food can be an expression of why toxic masculinity hurts our country, or why cultural appropriation reduces are ability to innovate, or why women continue to struggle to make dollar for dollar, or even why gun control is not about weapons but about self-esteem. Everyone must eat, so food is a platform to express opinions in a way that is not pedantic, not one-sided, during a time where our guard is already down and our emotions are high.


empathy Elevates Us: A Human-Centered Approach for creative problem solvers

Christina has a strong belief in the responsibility that we need to stay focused on our human connections, technology should connect us rather than separate or devalue our relationships. Empathy should drive our decision making, take our good ideas and transform them into extraordinary results.

Elevate and humanize your work and the customer and the brand wins. Data research, design and applications can help us see the story more clearly, but we need to remember at the root there is something more – A Human.  When we push our designs to be human-centric and care more about the people we are solving problems for we get a better result.


Virtual Reality Technology

Martin will be presenting a dual post-mortem for Chaos on the Green Line and a more recent project with Aerica Roe highlighting the artists involved. Martin's presentation will provide a discovery of virtual reality technologies, their applications and and how artists can work in this immersive medium.


User-Centric Design to Increase Engagement

Andy believes creatives and creative organizations have the ability to apply user-centric design principles and methods, to increase engagement with their work. This session will review Andy's experience as an arts event organizer--highlighting creative event case studies and research techniques to build successful events and make evidence-based improvements. 


#pinkszn: The Collision of Branding, Technology, and Self-Expression

At the end of 2016, writer and communicator Nichelle Brunner delved into a journey of creating a personal brand. This journey led to the creation of #pinkszn, an online social media hashtag that effectively communicates her personal brand of body positivity, self care, and all things pink. "

This session, will highlight the creative process in establishing a personal brand, the use of digital technologies and platforms to enhance a personal brand, and the intersection of branding and technology to construct and empower identities. 


Spreading Creativity with Technology, on a Budget

Between working in college radio and attending local events, Madeline has observed a mix of inventive and successful ways to spread art within the community without spending a lot of money. This will be a unique session reviewing alternative perspectives of local twin cities creatives Madeline has interacted with, examining how to pushing forward their creative work, on limited budget. 


Education vs. Technical Creators

Brianna will examine the ripple effects cutting art programs in public school is having on technical creators (i.e. VR, digital labs). She believes young people should be exposed to the arts as much as possible--enabling them to cultivate the necessary skills to become confident in their own artistic abilities and related fields.

Brianna will additionally highlight the close intertwined relationship between art, technology and UX design.