How to Launch an Eyewear Product Campaign

HOW TO: Spring Product Prep—Eyewear Campaign Launch


Q1 marks a pivotal time many product based creative teams:

Spring Product Launches

At this point, many creative teams have moved through testing potential product designs, pricing adjustments, and taglines—which have successfully (or are on their way to) landing Spring contracts with top buyers and retailers.

Within research and product development, we’ve observed a few internal checkpoints product-based creative teams should consider:

prototype development


Prototyping can be a propelling (or costly) time for creative teams. Development speed and success are often dependent on:

  • The creative team’s understanding of product requirements

  • Brand connection with target audience needs

  • Strong internal structure & role ownership (ideally unsiloed teams)

A Potential Eyewear Prototype Path

Sketch Design Development > Color Scheme Options > Style Options > Frame Development > Fit Testing > Appeal Testing (Repeat)

appeal testing


Appeal Testing (aka market research) has become more accessible to creative teams with the rise of “built-in” insights behind most of our everyday platforms. These tools have allowed creative teams to connect directly with the habits of its audiences—and adjust accordingly.

Target Audience vs. “Outlier Audiences”

  • Provide room within your appeal testing to explore both target and outlier (unexpected) audience response

  • Review outlier audience data to explore new opportunities of connection your brand may currently overlook

In the case of eyewear—in which a brand may distribute multiple designs, test alternative price points and/or marketing campaigns—tailoring your designs and market approach to the needs of specific audiences.



Lastly—launch with a plan.

  • Soft Launch—launching with the opportunity to gain initial feedback, confirming appeal testing insights or needed launch re-assessment.

  • Full Launch—launching with full confidence in product opportunity and go-to-market strategy.

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