Strategic Collaborations with Creative Organizations

Our Monicats are discovering data management & research for creative organizations holds many parallels to origami.

Complex patterns, alternative approaches, phase designs.

Each creative project requires strategic vision planning and  collaboration. Providing actionable data insights to our client organizations; and the creative audiences they serve.

We are continually motivated to sharpen our strategies--building even greater solution based projects and collaborative conversations, both locally and nationally.

Thank you for motivating Monicat Data to become stronger in serving the creative economy through project collaborations, community talks, table discussions and shared knowledge of creative industry trends/needs.

#thankyou 🌕🌕🌕

Upcoming Monicat Data Community Trainings & Presentations

May 26, 2017 New Sector Alliance: Evaluation Training with Monicat Data

June 7, 2017: MinneAnalytics Conference (Big Data Tech 2017) 'Art & Data' Monicat Data Presentation