Monicat Creative Work & Program Evaluations: How Do These Aid Creators?

To grow your creative work, you must understand your creative process.

We've all seen standard evaluations: Quarterly, Bi-annual or Yearly measurements our ability to hit a particular goal.

We get it. We're researchers. Benchmarks are necessary.

But, what are you learning about your creative process?
Your program impact on the creative community? 
Time-of-day insights of when yourself and/or team is most effective?
Which creative projects are you most productive? 

Monicat Data believes its time evaluations speak to the core of artists and creative organizations.

Monicat Data provides three core evaluation types:

Monicat Creative Work Flow Analysis
Monicat Program Planning
Monicat Program & Creative Work Estimations

Each of these are customized to your needs and sought time-frame to begin placing insights into measurable action.

Ask us more about Monicat Data's Creative Work & Program Evaluations.

You're a creator. We're researchers. We provide you with understandable strategic data to build your craft.

That simple.

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