What is Art Tech? Vol. 2 | Monicat Data

This week's topic: Supporting Programs for Art Technology

Throughout the month of April we've been highlighting trending topics within the field of art technology. You may be asking yourself as a creator, or collaborator: What are some examples of successful/building Art Technology programs? Where can I receive art-tech education? How do I build community within the art-tech space?

Art Technology Labs

Art Technology labs are community based organizations allowing tech-artists the opportunity to experiment, develop and collaborate. These spaces are not only utilized as makers spaces around the country, but also as hubs for funding and shared conceptual tech-art development.

We've highlighted a few notable organizations below--but there are many more worth recognizing within this space.

Eyebeam: Tech By Artists

Eyebeam is a Brooklyn, NY nonprofit studio for collaborative experiments with technology toward a more imaginative and just world. By providing generous support to artists for research, production and education, Eyebeam makes ideas real.

LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) Art Technology Lab

Art Technology Education Programs

As with highlighted Art + Technology labs, these educational resources are just a handful of budding programs within this evolving space. These sources should be used as an example of what is possible, where art tech is moving, and how we can continue to develop strong community and collaboration to the artists within this space.

School of the Art Institute of Chicago (Department of Art and Technology Studies)

Faculty and students in SAIC's art and technology graduate programs not only create new aesthetic experiences, but often the very tools and processes with which they are achieved. Through the department’s innovative curriculum, creating and manipulating objects, images, sound, text, music, voice, and movement are explored in tandem with custom-written software, emerging materials, unconventional processes, and new methods of integration with other technologies and fields of practice.


AMT Lab provides current and future arts managers, technologists, and researchers with existing best practices and emerging technologies that allow for a direct impact on their work and their organization. Through online and off-line  engagement, AMT Lab is a resource that leads to innovative, effective and   efficient integration of technology in the cultural and creative enterprise space.