The Art of Data and Reporting

Tableau  is a surprisingly affordable solution for visualizing data patterns and beauty in any project. If you are a creative economy based organization with a need to gain insights into giving, patrons, channel reach, distribution, or geographical impact, or historical data, Tableau is an excellent option and is a bargain price considering the features and flexibility of the software

For artists, the options for displaying data are virtually limitless with custom reports and sharing the results with your audience could not be any easier with Tableau Public.

How Monicat Data Can Help

As Minneapolis Tableau experts, Monicat can take your raw data and transform it into formats ready for import into the data warehouse. From there, your vision guides us as we organize your data into logical sources allowing the easy creation of reports by any dimension. Tableau reports allow you to see patterns you didn't know existed and display the data in creative ways, opening new worlds of understanding.



Case Study: Rhymesayers Entertainment

Musical artists hold a wide range of analytic needs to understand their audiences. Monicat worked with Rhymesayers Entertainment utilizing Tableau as the lead project analytic tool to develop a three phased approach for one of its leading artist:

Phase 1: Action Analysis

Monicat Data worked with Rhymesayers Entertainment to analyze key sales channels from a leading artist upon its label. Performance variables were measured across utilized music channels of: SoundCloud, Pandora, Spotify, alternative Digital Channels and Physical Sales. These data points were utilized to determine ideal channels, key audience targets, play expectations, ideal music channel distribution and artist placement. 

Phase 2: Segment Analysis

Insights developed from Phase 1 Action Analysis were used as a basis to develop to Tableau graphical representations for gap analysis across previously listed music distribution channels. 

Phase 3: Projection Analysis

Projection Analysis: Both ‘Action Analysis’ and ‘Segment Analysis’ data was used to build projection models in Tableau of data expectations for the Rhymesayers artist at focus. 



Your Turn

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