Let the energy of your vision fuel the performance.

There are more ways for theatres to measure performance engagement than ticket sales...

There are a multitude of variables audiences capture from dance or conceptual artists, but are they walking away with the message you desire them to capture? 

How are you measuring community impact of your most recent curation project?  

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About our data focuses...

A Data Management & Research agency specifically focused in bringing strategic data to Artists and Creative Supporting Organizations.

Monicat Data believes artistic progress is strongest in united community. Analytic strategies can only be molded through continuous observation and data practice--much like artistic companies of dance or music.

Each data company of Monicat Data caters to a specific body of artist categories, allowing us to provide market insights lifting their respective markets...companies...as we call them.

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Our Services for Performance Organizations & Artists

Custom Research

program evaluation, competitive analysis, survey design and layout. survey programming. qualtitative and quantitative research execution.              

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Monthly Analytic Services.

digital analytic set-up and reporting. market research implementation evaluation. digital analytic report creation. reoccuring monthly metric evaluation. monthly business supporting data delivery.

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Report Validation and Creation.

digital analytic set-up and reporting. audience evaluation reporting. internal data report re-vamp. analytic top line development. supporting white paper analytics. art grant data support. 

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